Life is not the issue; defining humanity is

Some people believe life begins at conception. It actually begins before that. Every egg cell, sperm cell and blood cell in our bodies is alive. The much more important question in the abortion debate is, when does that life become human? Science and federal law say it is a human life when the baby is viable to live outside the mother.

It is true that at conception the egg cell has a complete set of genes, but it is not yet a human life. If I were to hire an architect to design a million-dollar home, but then someone were to destroy those plans, I could not sue for a million dollars. It is not yet a home, although the plans show just what the final house would look like.

I know there will be a lot of people who will disagree, saying that “a human fertilized egg will not become a pig or a frog. It will become a human.” But they will not be able to avoid using future tense. No single cell is a human. Some people don’t want to admit the facts. It took the church more than 200 years to admit that Earth orbits around the sun.

Dave Norman


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