E-cigarette maker chooses market carefully

This is in response to your recent story, “E-cigarette maker targets Colorado,” (Herald, July 14) which references the VUSE Digital Vapor Cigarette manufactured by R.J. Reynolds Vapor Co. Regarding the selection of the Colorado market, there are a number of things we consider when determining locations for product expansion, including adult tobacco consumer audience, overall adult tobacco consumer awareness of the product category and distribution channels. Additionally, Colorado is just the first of several upcoming markets for VUSE, since we have previously stated our expectation of being a major player in this growing category. Colorado is also an example of a progressive regulatory environment, being one of the first states in the country to make it against the law for minors to purchase or possess vapor products.

VUSE Digital Vapor Cigarettes are made for and marketed to adult tobacco consumers, and the only VUSE styles being offered as part of this expansion are regular and menthol. VUSE products are also sold on the same store shelves as other tobacco products – behind the sales counter, requiring a clerk’s assistance to access. Proof of age is required to purchase these products. We shared all of this information and more at a press conference in Denver on June 6.

It is a guiding principle and belief of R.J. Reynolds Vapor Co. that minors should never use tobacco products. We also believe that adults who do not use or have quit using tobacco products should not start. To our knowledge, we were never contacted by Colorado Public News or The Durango Herald to provide comment. Had we been contacted, we would have been happy to have provided this and other relevant information. You can also find more information about VUSE at the R.J. Reynolds Vapor company website, online since June 6: http://rjrvapor.com.

Stephanie Cordisco, president, R.J. Reynolds Vapor Co.

Winston-Salem, NC