Council should exempt Albertsons from fee

Because the City Council is in the process of passing its bag tax to take effect in March 2014, I ask that councilors make one revision to the ordinance: an exemption for Albertsons grocery store from being subject to placing the tax on its shoppers.

Albertsons already provides an incentive to its guests to use cloth and polyester bags. How many residents choose to shop at Albertsons simply because they can take their cloth or polyester bags and receive a $.05 credit per bag used? Though a nickel may be a symbolic gesture, believe me, those nickels add up to dollars over time and cause shoppers to continue bringing their reusable bags! Albertsons deserves to be recognized for doing its part to raise awareness to affect the conscientious behavior of its shoppers.

The city, however, is doing the opposite. I ask Councilor Marbury, a teacher, whether she saw better behavioral results using positive reinforcement or punitive actions toward her pupils?

Any concerned residents interested in joining my efforts to stop this tax are invited to contact me at

Kristen Smith


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