Pool our energy for a big monsoon, snow year

This is a gentle request from a (very feeble) mountain yogi. My personal and professional work centers upon seeking and cultivating wholeness, not separation nor specificity in any way, discipline, sport or form.

Since growing up here (I’m 52), I’ve seen much change and have read many letters to the editor. My request is a simple one.

Given the intensity of our climatic change and its side effect of severe drought, I was wondering if all the passion and considerable efforts from our local array (army?) of zealous specialists – Bible thumpers, gun lovers, bag-fee haters, foes of cyclists, et al – might just pool their various agendas toward praying, visualizing and engaging other supportive energies toward a unified creation of a big monsoon season and a massive snow season without which all the petty dichotomies of our community will have no more mouths from which to be uttered.

There are no shortcuts around the realization that we are all children of Father Sky and Mother Earth. When rain falls, it falls on everyone without condition or opinion.

Same goes for genuine love and spirituality. May we all live trusting in the equality of all beings, non-judgment and focused fun that is helpful to all – especially our children.

Head bowed, namaste.

Steve Ilg


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