Educate about bags, do not require fee

Newsflash! Wow! The Democratic process is alive and well in Durango! Three Durango city councilors voted to charge 10 cents for every plastic bag at Durango grocery stores and at Walmart, unless you bring your own bags or boxes. How many residents are in La Plata County? Fifty thousand? Sixty thousand? Sorry, you don’t get to vote.

Why did they even bother having a City Council meeting July 16? Any arguments or protests by opponents of the city plastic-bag fee fell on deaf ears. This was evidenced by the pre-prepared statement by the absent Councilor Dick White. What an insult to the concerned residents who waited to express their opinion, when the City Council had already determined the outcome of the vote before the meeting.

Everyone knows the only way to reduce the consumption of anything is through education. Raising the price or adding a tax does nothing – i.e., food, gasoline, water or transportation.

The special-interest groups promoting the reduction of plastic-bag use should be the people educating the public and promoting the use of reusable bags instead of dumping their idea on the city government and demanding action to charge 10 cents per bag. Thank you for your time.

Rob Rietveld


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