Ultra-liberal minority pushing bag ban

Good grief, all the talk about charging for plastic bags at our supermarkets is missing the point.

Virtually everything sold in the supermarket is packaged in — guess what? – non-reusable packaging! And what is not already prepackaged, such as fruits and vegetables, are put in – guess what? – another plastic bag. So, shouldn’t these other plastic bags also be taxed 10 cents each?

Using the same illogical reasoning, shouldn’t each of the other items in the supermarket also be charged the same 10-cent tax? And nowhere in the argument about using plastic bags is it mentioned that they are recyclable at the supermarkets.

It just doesn’t make sense to single out one culprit. This whole hysterical plastic-bag movement is brought to us by the same ultra-liberal minority who insisted on the city using organic chemicals on the city parks, at a much higher cost to the taxpayers. Message to the City Council – listen to the majority, not the minority.

Bill Cartwright


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