Obama, media fanning racism flames

Like so many, I am sickened by the overt racism being pushed by this present administration and his media. His comments have done nothing to heal anything and, in fact, are causing more division. Where are the media reports of the escalating black mob violence specifically targeting whites? Where is the outcry against black gangs murdering hundreds of blacks in the big cities? More than 700 blacks have been killed since the whole Zimmerman episode started. Oh, gee, sorry, my bad: That might impede the agenda.

Does anyone remember the white riots nationwide after O.J. Simpson was acquitted of killing his white wife and her white friend? Me neither. Does anyone remember the nationwide outcry about the two black gangbangers who shot a 13-month-old white baby in the face, killing him, and then shot his white mother because she didn’t have money they demanded? Me neither. But then that had nothing to do with racism.

Where are the talking heads lamenting the death of an innocent baby? Where are the posters, T-shirts, banners and demonstrations screaming for justice for little Antonio West?

Is the absolute hypocrisy of this insanity not obvious? The murder of Antonio was ruled not racially motivated.

Rulers since the dawn of history have, in some way, used a subtle weapon called divide and conquer; it’s very effective.

Until the media and this most divisive president in history stop inflaming the widening gap, there could very well be a backlash, and it will be placed at the feet of those pushing it.

Denise Murray


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