City is alienating rural residents

I am a little put out with the Durango officials and Ron LeBlanc about the city’s water dock. Their parochial thinking regarding the nonresident use of the water dock in Durango is a little short-sighted. As a resident of rural Durango, I take offense to their attitude toward their neighbors. The majority of us shop in the city of Durango. We pay to use your recreational businesses, movies, rafting, Jeep trips, etc. We bring our out-of-area guests to Durango to spend their money. We volunteer in your organizations that hold events that bring revenue to the local businesses and the coffers of the city. You want the rural locals to support the local businesses but you do not want us to use your facilities. We help pay for these facilities with the revenue we provide by supporting local businesses, paying sales tax and gas taxes. I think LeBlanc and the Durango officials better think before they speak and alienate their rural neighbors.

Earl Wilkening


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