Christians must insist Guantanamo close

I hope every one of your readers has read Neal Newby’s letter to the editor (Herald, July 24). It makes one wonder, just what do Christians believe in? Can anyone imagine Jesus Christ supporting a country that waged the Vietnam War and destroyed more than 1 million people? Or would he have blessed a country that invaded a sovereign nation – that posed no threat to our own – causing the deaths of more than 100,000 people?

As Newby says, “If the actions of the state are contrary to Jesus’ teachings, they (Christians) are silent.” The best example, of course, is Guantanamo Bay. Would Jesus Christ approve of the torture and illegal imprisonment (against the International Rules for the Treatment of Prisoners of War) that occurs there? You know the answer as well as I do. Yet we support it. We are the United States of America. What wonderful Christians, humanists and concerned people we are. In my opinion, we should be ashamed of ourselves. Obama promised before he was elected to close Guantanamo Bay. As commander in chief, Obama has the power to close Guantanamo Bay instantly.

We, the people, supposedly tell our president and representatives what to do. Did you ever insist that we close Guantanamo Bay? No? Then shame on you, all you hypocrites. If you call yourself a Christian and have done nothing to make your government close Guantanamo Bay, then, in my opinion, you are just the ordinary, standard hypocrite.

John F. Grayson


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