Herald touts failed Democratic policies

The editorial screed against Republicans is pretty much par for the course for the Herald (July 25). Republicans are blocking progress, it seems.

Remember the constant editorials from the Herald describing how Obamacare was going to save the United States money? How people could keep their doctors. How everyone would be covered, and so on? Well, the Republicans said it wasn’t going to work out that way, and the Democrats, with the help of media such as the Herald, shoved it through.

None of the glowing predictions by the Herald about Obamacare has proved true. As of today, even unions are trying to get out of Obamacare. Three big unions are desperately backpedaling, and recently, the IRS union – the National Treasury Employees Union – joined in, desperately trying to avoid having to be forced to use Obamacare.

Is it the Republicans stymieing Obamacare or were they simply correct in trying to stop this debacle?

Remember how important the stimulus was and how it would bring economic recovery, according to the Herald? Nothing happened except a lot of Democrat cronies and Democrat states got benefits for voting Obama in, yet the Republicans had objected to the stimulus.

How about the green jobs promoted by Obama and the Herald? The mean old Republicans tried to block the use of taxpayer money being used as stock investment by the U.S. government. So where are all the jobs that were promised?

Were the Republicans blocking progress or were they right?

Instead of fomenting tension by partisan reportage and finger-pointing, perhaps the Herald could try to be objective for a change. If the Herald, like Obama, is trying to promote tension in the communities, then carry on. You’re doing a good job.

Mike Sigman


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