Frontier’s passenger drop linked to flights

I was not surprised to see the headline that Frontier is suspending its service to Durango (Herald, July 27).

Frontier has been winding down its Durango service by steadily decreasing the number of flights per day for the past few years.

In 2010, there were three Q400 aircraft flights per day with a total seat capacity of 222. Later, this was reduced to two E-190 jets with a total capacity of 198 per day. More recently, the airline cut back to one A-319 aircraft with a capacity of 138 seats per day. So it is not surprising that Frontier has experienced a 35 percent drop in passengers since 2010, because the available seats have dropped 38 percent during the same time period. So those $500 roundtrip fares to Denver that existed before Frontier are sure to return.

Also on the same front page was an article about the new expansion of the waiting area for the airport. This will no longer be needed with the elimination of the 138 Frontier passengers, as the remaining three airlines all fly 50- to 74-passenger aircraft. With these three airlines, the maximum airplane seat availability on the ground at once will be 174 passengers – well within the 200-passenger capacity of the old waiting area. That $700,000 addition will be needed after October only when, and if, Frontier returns.

Clark Lagow


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