Durango has had several McMurray murals

I was Tom McMurray’s second wife and close friend. I wanted to add to the wonderful article written about him (Herald, July 29).

First of all, the mural on Sixth Street is not his mural as he painted it. Much to my dismay, because of a crack in the building, it was painted over by someone who did not have Tom’s talents, therefore it is some what of an eyesore (in my opinion.) I cringe every time I pass it, his name should not be on it as it is. He was very talented and does not deserve to be remembered by this awful mess.

Also, there are or were many other murals in Durango: The Lost Pelican, which has been covered up; the liquor store on Camino del Rio, which was covered up; the mural in El Rancho Tavern with many locals depicted in it; two on the Smiley Building on Third Avenue, one of which was never finished because of his illness, plus many signs for businesses in the area.

I’m sure there are others.

He is very much missed and had many friends in Durango who remember him with great affection. Our daughters have every right to be very proud of their father.

Callie Barker


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