Detroit a bellwether for Obama’s America

The editorial in the July 25 Herald, “Politics over progress,” was so far off base as to be ludicrous. Simply put, President Barack Obama’s progressive socialist ideas are so anti-capitalistic they have brought America to a virtual standstill.

The “obstructionist” House of Representatives referred to and chastised by the Herald is the only instrument of government standing against Obama and Sen. Harry Reid’s democratically controlled Senate and their disastrous schemes and scandals. Spending beyond its means is this Democratic government’s key function. The country continues to go broke as a result.

Now, we are confronted with Attorney General Eric Holder’s idiotic plan to repeal “stand-your-ground” laws. During the 1967 race riots in Detroit, militant blacks set fire to their own homes and businesses. Then tiring of destroying Detroit proper, planned a march down Woodward Avenue from Pontiac and up from 8 Mile Road apparently to ravage Royal Oak, Birmingham and Bloomfield Hills, all prosperous, mainly white, suburbs. Fortunately, that ignominious plan became known, these communities armed themselves and made no secret of that fact. The so-called march never materialized in part because a warning had been sent to the marchers that these communities would not go down without a fight. Stand your ground works.

Unfortunately for all, those riots constituted the tipping point for Detroit as “white flight” was accelerated and the governance of Detroit fell into the hands of union-backed, big-government liberals. Democrats have ruled Detroit uninterruptedly since 1962. Their liberal policies, fraught with corruption, have taken the once vibrant city into bankruptcy with $18 billion in unfunded liabilities. Sound familiar? Left to their own devices, that’s where Obama and Reid will take America. Only the House with its control of the checkbook can stop them now.

Please write, call or email Rep. Scott Tipton to stand firm against Obama and his progressive socialist cronies.

Brian Van Mols


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