Eateries should lock garbage away from bears

As I wrote this letter, there was a 450-pound bear menacing the neighborhood. The Division of Parks & Wildlife set up a trap laced with doughnuts and apricots less than a half block from my house on Thursday.

The DPW came by recently (thank you) to remind residents to make sure we clip those bear proof trash cans and to set up a program for those of us who have old fruit trees to have them picked by people who want fruit. This is all wonderful, but I live on bear alley behind many restaurants on North Main that don’t comply with locking cans. Why are all businesses’ trash cans in the alley instead of on their property, as is required of residents?

Business owners on bear alley: Smarten up, you are a steward in this community. The oneness with the bears was created by us; it’s not their fault. What will happen to this magnificent animal because of our neglect? Hopefully, there won’t be a tragic interaction between bear and human before action is taken.

Deb Musick


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