From Boxers to business, it was a new century

“Our Little Brown Brother” continued putting up a strong fight in the Philippines which embarrassed the Army, but that was not the end of American adventures. Now this once isolationist country found itself involved in China. The “Boxers,” an antiforeign Chinese society led a revolt against all foreigners from missionaries to traders and killed a number of them including Americans. A joint international expeditionary force, including American detachments, entered the country and finally put down the revolt.

Durangoans and others followed this revolt and military campaign with great interest. Welcome to the 20th century and the emergence of the United States as a interest. Welcome to the 20th century and the emergence of the United States as a world power. They could read all about it in the Durango Evening Herald, June 11, 1900, but whether they really understood what it might all mean is another question.



Guns trained on American and British legations at Peking

Foreign troops making progress toward the Chinese capital

Nothing comes [reports] to relieve the gravity of the Chinese situation or to describe the future progress of the troops who are fighting and battling their way to Peking

According to the latest Shanghai report the position of the legations is very critical


The prosperity on which the Rep. Party mainly relies for victory is the genuine article.

It is unexampled in the history of this or any other country.

It is so great and all-pervading that the calamity business of howlers of the 1890s have lapsed into silence.


The hold ups entered the board of trade saloon at Rico about 1 o’clock Tuesday morning, as the proprietor was closing for the midnight and ordered him to turnover the faro table bank about $1,000.


The public are cordially invited to attend the musical and literary program given by the San Juan Masonic association at 2 o’clock Monday afternoon June 25 at the Presbyterian Church.


Neither (David) Day nor Higgins [rival newspaper editors] will accept the offer of $5 for an investigation of the wage scale since Day struck the city.

They are on the job – that is of receiving bluffs and bottom fishing when called.

(There was not love lost between Durango newspapers in the 1890s and the early 20th century. During the period of time, at least a dozen were published, some for a very short time.)


(Times were getting better in the new century as these comments by Durango businessmen indicate.)

R.E. Sloan (Gradens) Conditions are much better and more favorable for continued good times. The outlook is exceeding flattering.

George Goodman (paint & wall paper company) Business is much better than last year.

Jack Parson (Parson’s druggist) [1900] was the very best year since ’92. There was a noticeable increase of trade coming to Durango from the south. That country is growing.

Duane Smith is a Fort Lewis College history professor. Reach him at 247-2589.

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