City must address recycling growing pains

I am writing in regard to the new recycling program implemented by the city of Durango this spring. It is great to see that Durango is being conscientious in taking the next step in keeping with a green community. My trash can has typically been half empty each Friday when I place it in the alley for pickup, with my recycling container quite full most Tuesdays, which shows how much of what we purchase and use is now able to be reused. I think this can be a very sustainable and valuable service.

It was going smoothly until I was told that my recycling could no longer be picked up in the alley. My trash has always been picked up there, and the recycling truck picks up other canisters there. I, along with other residents, do not have a way to get canisters from the alley to the street. I have now been told that residential recycling will not be picked up in the alley, while a new business two doors south of my residence is receiving this service. I am charged for and expected to pay an additional fee each month for this service.

I realize that there are inevitable growing pains with any new undertaking. So in the true spirit of government of the people, by the people, for the people, I am asking that the community get behind and get involved in keeping Durango a desirable place to live. I would also ask that the city of Durango reconsider its position on recycling pickup, and make it truly a service to the community.

If the city can’t provide the service, it’s too big an expense to support.

Maureen Clerici


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