Sweet spat in Telluride

While critics of Durango’s City Council’s recent action to require a fee for the use of one-use plastic and paper bags at the four largest food retailers in town gather the signatures needed to put the question to a vote in November, two hours away another debate-filled issue has been bubbling.

Voters in Telluride will decide in November whether to apply a 1 cent per ounce tax on sugared soft drinks sold within the town limits.

That debate will certainly be rich, er, sweet. Whether all sugars are alike in the damage they do, for example, or the quantity, or why sugar-laced snacks and foods are not included. There are plenty of those.

In addition to the petition for the bag-fee election, the only other petitions we have seen in Durango are being carried by School District 9-R board candidates. We can especially encourage the latter, hoping that for a good debate about public education each school board seat is competitive.

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