In intellect showdown, Brown is closing gap

I’m perplexed. In my last letter to the editor (Herald, March 3), I referred to J. Paul Brown’s “Let’s take this country back” credo as moronic because it implies the electorate stole something from him.

However, the word “moronic” was edited out by the Herald.

A while later I read a letter from Maurice Harrigan (Herald, July 2) about Vi McCoy in which she was referred to as a moron and moronic. So what’s the deal? Is the Herald suggesting Brown is less moronic than McCoy? Let’s examine.

In the past few months, Brown has: Written a letter to the editor supporting the Eagle Net contractors and whining about all the rules they had to follow (Herald, Feb. 17).

Since then there have been several articles about the contractors being investigated on many levels. Most of the money is gone; little accomplished, little oversight. Brown obviously didn’t do his homework there.

He endorsed a City Council candidate while at the same time admitting he’d never met the man. The candidate was soundly defeated. He endorsed an LPEA board candidate because he liked how he sounded. That candidate was also soundly defeated. Brown might do his party a better service by endorsing the opponents.

While running for office and in office, Brown referred to himself as an environmentalist, once out of office, he wrote a letter calling Michael Rendon a tree hugger (Herald, May 8). How passé. I guess that opens the door for a muttonheaded redneck caricature.

He has been seen riding his horse down Main Avenue, microphone in hand, singing “God Bless America.” Why can’t he get off his high horse and walk with the rest of the Republicans? I’m sure it’s because of an ego the size of Pittsburgh, but Roy Rogers, he ain’t.

Brown stated that he hoped God would override the will of the voters. Enough said. Judging by his campaign ad song, he also thinks he’s comparable to Daniel Boone.

So you tell me: McCoy has an edge, but Brown’s a fighter and will likely close the gap soon enough.

Ken Van Zee


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