Stories unsympathetic to family, friends

As a member of John Caldwell’s family, I would just like to say that the stories (Herald, Aug. 12 and 13) about his death were callous and unsympathetic to John’s family and friends. I have been in the newspaper business in a small town, but I have never seen history dragged up like it was in those stories. It seems as if the Herald had a grudge against the family or something for him to keep bringing up John’s mother’s passing. That was so crude and unthinkable!

You couldn’t even tell who the story was about because it kept bringing up gory details about everything else that had happened on the railroad. Have some compassion, for heavens sake! People are grieving, and you publish that kind of garbage!

Also, it is unheard of for a paper to refuse to print an obituary unless the cause of death was included. The cause of death is unknown until the autopsy report comes back, so why are you jumping to conclusions?

That whole article was deplorable and should never have been printed. Think of it next time someone in your family passes away. Enjoy the write-up on them!

Sue Hughes

Silverhill, Ala.

Editor’s note: The Herald always asks the cause of death and will, in any case, include the cause whenever it is a matter of public record. As the Herald’s published policy says: “Reporting causes of death sheds light on medical concerns and the human condition. Withholding causes raises questions and may promote rumors.” In particular, reporting about suicides can help make others’ friends and families more aware of depressed or troubled people in their lives and the risks they face.

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