Coverage of man’s death callous, hurtful

I am John Caldwell’s grandmother. I think all the stories about his accident (Herald, Aug. 12 and 13) were callous, unfeeling and uncalled for! There was no reason for all the gory details of his accident. They should have stayed in the police report.

Was the Herald out to pile hurt upon hurt to the family by digging up the memory of his mother? All that needed to be said was: “He was preceded in death by his mother.” Everyone who knew them knew how she died. And the last suicide by train had nothing do with John, so why were the details of that in there?

I lived in Durango for 25 years, and this is the most disgusting and unfeeling reporting that I have ever read in any newspaper. I will not be spreading good words about your paper to anyone! Your reporters and editors need to take a lesson in compassion and understanding.

Carolyn Gitile

Cornville, Ariz.

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