Opinion piece part of overdue conversation

Root Routledge is one brave banana, and so is the Herald editorial board for printing his piece (“The dream deferred; Fifty years on, MLK’s vision far from reality,” Opinion, Herald, Aug. 18). Taking on the unsavory underbelly of capitalism is risky business in a culture driven by fear and fundamentalism.

Capital – money – is like water. When the flow is well balanced, it can grow a lot of good stuff for all of us. When the balance is off, it’s drought and flood, rich vs. poor. Routledge points out the current state of imbalance.

Taking on this sacred cow is bound to have blowback from the devotees of unobstructed return on investment. In a trickle-down economy, water is the lifeblood. The perspective of the trickelor is certainly going to be different from that of the trickelee. Both need to be considered.

Perhaps the one piece of common ground for those among us who care about our children and grandchildren is that they all have a right to a future. Thanks to Routledge for putting it on the table. This is a conversation that is long overdue.

Paul Rogers


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