Story raises questions about compost

I am an avid consumer of organic food. I have the ultimate trust that the organic food that I purchase is truly organic. However, after reading the story, “Garbage goes golden” (Herald, Aug. 19), I can’t be so sure.

The story states that Durango Compost and Phoenix Recycling recycle construction waste, and make nonmanure compost from wood chips – an alternative for organic farmers who want to avoid the risk of using manure from farm animals that have eaten plants treated with herbicides. Are these companies using construction wood chips that could be loaded with formaldehyde, lead paint and polyurethane from old renovations or trees that have been sprayed with herbicides and pesticides? When those big backhoes pick up in the fall, is all this construction sorted – old, stained deck boards etc., branches and construction materials so it is all nicely organic? I wonder.

There is no 100 percent safety or win-win. We do have choices, and that is a good thing.

Autumn Cameron


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