Pick-up policy drives couple from recycling

I was happy to see the editorial regarding the collection of the recycling bins (Herald, Aug. 21).

We live on the north end of Durango with an alley behind our home. Our trash is picked up in the alley. Our garage and drive is off the alley. However, the recycling bin must be placed in the street, making it difficult to navigate a bin from the back, 150 feet over grass and landscaping. When the recycling service started in April, the bin was picked up in the alley until the first week of July. We put the bin out and two weeks went by with no pickup. We called and were told the pick up has to be from the street. This is very inconvenient, so we stopped the service. Now the recycle program we support is no longer available to us.

We are senior citizens and are not going to pull the bin across our entire property.

Some of our neighbors have chosen to leave their bins in front of their homes. We consider this unsightly. We are not willing to do so, as Durango already has too many people who leave their trash and recycle bins out front.

In our opinion, this is very unattractive.

We take pride in our home and are unwilling to leave a bin out front. If the trash can be picked up in the alley, why can’t the recycle bin?

By the way, we also don’t leave our trash can in the alley all week as many residents do.

Come on, Durango, have a little pride. Please consider taking the extra seconds to put your trash/recycle bins out of everyone else’s sight.

Marilyn Grant


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