Some doctors see new Medicare patients

Having recently read Pamela Young’s letter to the editor (Herald, Aug. 20), I would like to correct her statement that “... no doctors in Durango are taking new patients who happen to be on Medicare.” There is, and has been for six years, an excellent clinic that accepts Medicare, Medicaid, private insurance and uninsured patients. It is called the Mercy Family Medicine Adult Primary Care clinic (formerly Mercy Health Services Clinic), and is located at 1800 East Third Ave. (it shares a parking lot with Durango Public Library). In addition to rendering superb primary care, its providers make referrals to specialty care doctors (cardiologists, nephrologists, pulmonologists, rheumatologists, urologists, ophthalmologists, orthopedists and others), who also accept Medicare/Medicaid.

I would also suggest that Young investigate why primary-care doctors limit the number of Medicare and Medicaid patients they accept into their practices. Based on current reimbursement rates, these providers would soon be forced to close their doors entirely if they accepted all such patients.

Robert B. Bricca, MD


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