Source of Syrian weapons stash no mystery

On Aug. 25, breaking news reported that President Assad in Syria is responsible for the release of chemical weapons, to which thousands of victims were exposed. Many died, according to Doctors without Borders, in Damascus.

The delegation of U.N. chemical investigators, as of this writing, have not set foot in Syria at the invitation of President Bashar Assad. I question if Assad and his ally, Russian President Vladimir Putin, with a Russian military base in Syria, want to buy time to hide the chemical reserves just before the U.N. does its search.

We watched this same scenario in Iraq by being tricked into believing there were weapons of mass destruction to start a 10-year war with devastating casualties and left Iraq in shambles and to this day in civil unrest.

What isn’t mentioned in the news is, where did these chemical weapons come from?

In the the beginning of this new century, National Geographic had illustrated maps of the United States and Russia with specific spots where tons of weapons of mass destruction, including the chemicals used in Syria today, are stored.

A well-respected veteran newsman, Ted Koppel, gave a rare investigative report about where Saddam Hussein bought the chemical weapons used against the Kurds in the 1980s. The sales receipt came from the United States.

You don’t have to be Sherlock to figure out where Syria’s chemical stash came from. Out of disgust, I won’t be watching the winter Olympics.

Sally Florence


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