Environmentalists lack substance

In response to Frank Tikalsky’s letter (Herald, Aug. 25), I could not agree more. Of course, the climate changes, and it has been doing that since the beginning of time, but man-made climate change is a different story.

How typical of a liberal, when you do not have a substantive position, to attack the opposing view. Just like “global warming” of the ’90s. Anybody who dared to disagree with the findings of East Anglia were ridiculed – that is until the findings were shown to be rife with falsehoods and doctored theories.

Then there was the United Nations report which, like most things from that bloc, was not worth the paper upon which it was printed. After this, “global warming” became “climate change.”

Just think what all you militant environmentalists would have said during the dust bowl of the ’30s? I imagine you would have been professing the end of the world was imminent. Then we never would have had the ice-age scare of the ’70s.

Then there is your hero and leader, Al Gore, who left politics with a net worth of approximately $3 million and who now is a three-digit millionaire even though he said he would donate all his earnings to the “cause.” Now there is an inconvenient truth. In order to speak to his throngs of followers, now numbering in the tens if not hundreds, he has to fly in his private Gulfstream.

Outgoing Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Lisa Jackson was asked by Sen. John Barrasso, R-Wyo., whether if there indeed was man-made global warming, would any of the country’s green efforts have any effect on the worldwide climate? Of course, her answer was “no.”

The only war radical environmentalists are winning, sadly, is the war on affordable energy, which hurts us all individually and then collectively by hurting the economy and making the country weaker.

Then Tikalsky put the topping on the dessert: Anybody who disagrees with President Barack Obama must be a racist. Tikalsky should go to work for MSNBC – he’s a perfect fit.

Robert Goodrich


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