Commissioners, wake up and smell the weed

Regarding “County temporarily bans retail pot” (Herald, Aug. 28), I wonder if commission chairman Bobby Lieb would have the same snide attitude regarding constituent input had just a few more of those who voted to approve Amendment 64 shown up with Stevie Smith to fight for their rights. Speaking truth to power rarely gets a welcome reception.

Lieb better hope Rasta Stevie doesn’t have a talk with his “peers” who then show up at his meetings to remind him that he was elected to do a job and he ought to get doing it for the benefit of the community he represents. Smith may not say it the way Lieb wants it said, but as my dad used to say, the truth often hurts. Lieb and his cohort Julie Westendorff are gutlessly dragging their feet in hopes that someone else will do their job for them so they don’t have to. Typical politicians: more worried about their future than that of those they represent.

Wake up and smell the weed commissioners, wake up.

Maurice Harrigan

Pittsboro, N.C.

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