Use non-violent action to beget peace

When I put myself as the cause of the purposeful death and suffering of human beings in Syria, I can directly ask: How is it that these people threaten me? What is it that I fear so greatly that I can indiscriminately eliminate them?

My deepest reasoning leads me to see that it’s my pre-human state of instinctual survival that allows for this grossest expression of fear. With this in mind, I cannot use simple human reasoning to communicate with the killer.

A wild animal will simply fight or flee when its very existence is threatened. There is no concern or conscious consideration of the feared one’s life or right to live. As a result of the fear and the preconceived indoctrinated goal of the killer, who has cut himself off from his humanity, the “goodness” is blocked out.

So, how do I respond to this dilemma? How do I reconcile this? With the strong and aggressive norm of consciousness wanting to attack, to kill the killer(s), where am I? Do I do nothing? Or be actively kind and compassionate with myself and others?

If I was a world leader, what would my words say? It could be as simple as we all know that war begets war. And that we harvest what we’ve seeded. And that it is completely obvious that only when we are threatened does the need arise to tap into our primal animal nature of fight or flight. Violence will prevail when we allow our fears to control our actions, but human nature allows for an expansive awareness.

I propose that we use what we’ve known to always work when our end goal is clearly in place. Non-violent action, which can only be propelled through conscious, compassionate human beings, is our simple way to the peace we all desire. I propose we use the power of the feminine guiding the masculine as did Jesus, Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr., and which is being used by many women who are bringing education, medicine, politics, food, water, air and religion into a more people-friendly environment.

David Krest


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