District should close high school campus

This is in regard to a traffic accident May 29 when I was hit by a high school student in Durango as I was leaving the Senior Center at 11:15 a.m. I made a complete stop at the yield sign as I always do. Nothing was in sight, I had my left turn signal on as I was going to turn left on Main Avenue. The other driver was speeding and hit my car. She had four students in her car, all on their cell phones.

I believe the high school should close the campus, the students should not be allowed to leave during the noon hour. They have a cafeteria – also, if they live within a mile and a quarter from school, they should have to walk. In bad weather, they could ride the school bus.

Our children walked to school in Albuquerque and in Phoenix.

I promise if I get hit again by a high school student, I will sue the school district. I’m not the first senior to be hit by a high school student. They are bad drivers.

Joyce Knoll


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