Marijuana users face life with half a brain

I just wanted to share my own experience with medical marijuana. I have been away from the pot scene for more than 30 years. I decided to get my medical marijuana card to deal with some back and neck pains. After I received my first prescription, I went home and smoked my first joint in many years. Actually, I only could take two hits because the lung expansion was so great, I was unable to hold it in. I coughed a few times, and then, a few minutes later, I was stoned.

I realized that being stoned and trying to function was very difficult. When I was younger, I was carefree, going to school, and didn’t have all the responsibilities that life demands of me today. Marijuana wasn’t as strong as it is today. The THC in today’s marijuana is much stronger than what I experienced when I was younger. It’s a joke for our society to think that being stoned is just a light buzz. After a few hours, the buzz was starting to wear off, and I could start going about my normal life.

I realized I’m no longer this young kid or adult who can go through life with just half a brain or worse. I must deal with life’s everyday problems head on and deal with my neck and back pains as best I can. I understand that there are some people for whom marijuana has a place, but I know that a lot of people just want their drug of choice.

Michael Cobb


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