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I normally do not lead with results, but when I received the follow-up email from Tim Kroes, the Executive Director of the Adaptive Sports Association, I immediately tweeted myself with an OMG!

The results of the second annual Birdie Fest, held Thursday at the Glacier Club, blew me away. The end results were more than $25,000 raised for the ASA, which according to the organization far and exceeded their expectations.

Ten professionals from our three local courses made 135 birdies over the course of 54 holes of golf. Each pro collected a sum per birdie and fixed amounts from their club members and – combined with the generous event sponsorship from Durango Motor Company and the R.H. Crossland Foundation – the race was on, and the results speak for themselves and the community.

By the way, the notorious trio from Dalton Ranch – Fal Wood, Pier Nielson and Pete Wolke – had the highest average number of birdies per pro with 14.6.

The Hillcrest Golf Club trio of John Vickers, Shea Sena and Guy Begay will hold onto the Birdie Fest Club Challenge for the highest number of members pledging.

Glacier Club Director of Golf, Patric Flinn, with his fellow hosts Joe Kamby, Alex Fisher and Lucas Butler, orchestrated a wonderful event and a number to shoot for in 2014.

Hillcrest Golf Club

The 39th annual First National Bank 1-2-3-4 Person Best Ball on Saturday:

1. David Pierce, Brian Dommer, Bud Forsburg and Fred Atencio, low net, 122.

2. Mick McDermott, Bill Hobson, Troy McLaughlin and Charles Fredrick, 123.

T3. Andy Harris, John Ball, Richard Taylor and Rita Davis, 124.

T3. Michael Hannigan, Randy Archuleta, Steve Woolverton and Michele Peterson, 124.

T5. Leroy Rheault, Joe D’Agostino, Bill Slaughter and Bob Andrews, 127.

T5. Tom Hanna, Daphne D’Agostino, Jo Warfield and Rita Simon, 127.

T5. Michael Howe, Ray Sigwart, Barry Hilmer and Kevin Devine, 127.

T5. Michael Walker, Ken VanZee, Tim Sparks and Gary Burkett, 127.

T5. Jim Rodifer, Dennis Bickford, Mark Walters and George Sheridan, 127.

durango colorado

Three teams came in under the target 66 in the Best Ball/Beat the Pro-Club Champ on Sept. 3: Daphne D’Agostino, Ann Emigh, Carol Woodward and Dixie Burkett; Judy Berkholz, Nancy Schamadan, Jan Smith and Nancy Barr; and Laurie Simmons, Pam Leisle, Debi Marti and Karen Spickard.

In the 9-hole event, two teams bested the target mark of 34: Marna Burnett, Diane Skinner, Pat Lamay and a blind draw; and Sheila Moring, Val Munro, Nancy Sofka and Emily Robertson.

Dalton Ranch Golf Club

Low Gross/Low Net, last week, the warm-up tournament for the DRGC Women’s Club Championship on Wednesday:

1. Lih Kinoshita, low gross, 85.

2. Cindy Bryniarski, 89.

1. Amy Harlow, low net, 72.

2. Cathy Gaskell, 73.

Dave Bray has covered the local golf scene for 32 years. He can be reached at