Consider the health hazard of reusing bags

Clean plastic bags, really? It seems so much time and energy has been given to the “environment” portion of this bag controversy rather than checking for the basic facts.

When an entire community can be put at risk, it is time to open the fact page and recognize this unsanitary practice. Does anyone realize these wonderful little bags we call “recycling bags” are in everyone’s homes?

We do not let dogs in food stores or farmers markets, but are willing to open this public place up to every disease, infection or contaminated items that might be in anyone’s households? The filth seen on some of these bags could not only contain MRSA, which is a horrendous infection, but many other communicable things that are being treated.

Think of it this way; A person is sick. They pick up their bag and take it to the store. Many viruses and bacteria are airborne (remember about not touching toilet seats?) They put this infected bag in the basket. At the checkout counter, our checkers pick it up, put in the groceries and move to the next person. How many people will come in contact with that germ or fungus? Wake up, people; this is a serious mode of transmission! Do we not care about our checkers who handle these filthy bags one right after another contaminating other’s bags all day long?

I recently had one checker tell me she cannot stand to touch some of these filthy bags. We forget another side of this story; the risk for workers. Have we approached the health department to see where they stand on taking all these personally used bags from every environment imaginable and inflicting this on our clean community? We do health checks for every restaurant and vendor making sure the process is clean. Now, we are going to let every imaginable germ, bacteria, virus, or fungus loose in our food stores for all to contact?

Don Gustaveson


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