Durango has no ‘transportation problem’

This is in response to the front page story on the “transportation problem” at our local airport (Herald, Sept. 6). First of all, I’d like to know who considers visiting Durango as visiting the “city”? Denver is a city, Phoenix is a city. But Durango? It’s a big town at best. This is not Chicago’s O’Hare or New York’s LaGuardia.

The reality is, there’s just not enough walk-up business to justify a cab stand at little ol’ DRO. Seasoned travelers know this and are smart enough to plan ahead. Anyone else flying into Durango thinking they are in “the city” should immediately go to customer service, get rebooked and return home that day. They obviously have no idea what they’re getting into.

Besides, even if you fly into many international airports, such as in Kansas City, you must call for a cab and one will show up in about 15 to 30 minutes. Another thing, the population of Durango is around 17,000 and about 45,000 for all of La Plata county. Put that in perspective.

At least the Herald got one thing correct: The only transportation company legally allowed to sit and wait for random passengers is Durango Taxi. It’s a hefty fine if either of the other two get busted loading someone without a reservation.

If anything around here needs more competition it’s in the area of daily print-news publications. I’m guessing it must’ve been an extremely slow news day that justified putting that “piece” on the front page of the Herald.

Bill Vana