Recycling is easy, even for county residents

Just having read Jane Ulrich’s letter to the editor (Herald, Sept. 11) where she states she can no longer recycle because she has been waiting since mid-June for a recycling bin, a suggestion came to mind.

Why not do what we county residents have to do? It is not as hard as I originally thought it would be; in fact, it is easier. Now, we just collect all our recyclables into one large round 60-gallon trash container (except for glass) and take it to the recycle area at Burnett Drive where we pour our bin into their bin, pay $1 to the attendant and walk a few steps over to the glass depository bin and deposit our glass. Recycling is now easier and no more multiple bins on my back porch for each individual recyclable item (except glass). It works for us, and it would make Jane’s multiple bins sitting on her front porch disappear.

If lifting or hauling a larger bin is a problem, just load into the vehicle all the individual bins since one must transfer to the larger bin used as a measuring device at the Burnett station anyway.

Linda Conner


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