Support ADUs to promote Durango’s growth

I’m writing to support amending the city’s plan for auxiliary dwelling unit development. To start, I think ADUs are a great idea! Second, the arguments against are valid, but to be wholeheartedly against them is beyond my level of understanding the “other side.”

At the public forum, on Sept. 9, a speaker made the point: If we aren’t going to support ADUs how else are we going to foster growth? More hotels and condos? I hope not.

My point at the public meeting was that as someone employed in the tech industry, we need more shorter term or smaller rental units. People like me, who work remotely, don’t need a ton of space. We work in crammed/less-expensive places, so we can shred more. Guess what? I can rent to people like this! I think lowering the lot space requirement to 5,000 square feet and doing reviews on each ADU will help sustain growth and the potential for the right kind of ADU tenants.

Don’t be fooled by the arguments that there are going to be party houses everywhere. The rent prices are too high for that, and I look forward to the income, not the headache

Walker Thompson


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