Herald plays favorites among amendments

Our Constitution is a marvelous document. It is one of a kind in the history of the entire world. Contained in the Constitution is the First Amendment, which, in part, gives people the ability to “petition the government for a redress of grievances.” Without this provision, the government could trample the people underfoot, as has been done throughout history.

This ability is foundational to the freedom of the people and was demonstrated recently in Durango when some concerned residents decided to object to the progressive, liberal City Council (except one sensible member) when it decided to subject the people of the city and county to a nonsensical tax of 10 cents per plastic or paper bag without a vote of the people. By their hard work and effort, they were able to force the City Council to put the tax up to a vote of the people. Hopefully, the people will reject this very poor decision.

The ability to overturn decisions forced upon them by agenda-driven politicians also was demonstrated when a group of concerned residents was successful in recalling state Senate President John Morse and state Sen. Angela Giron after they voted for legislation to restrict the ability of law-abiding citizens to exercise their Second Amendment rights of gun ownership.

The first instance of exercising their First Amendment rights was treated with respect by The Durango Herald while the second instance brought the wrath of the Herald down upon anyone in favor of personal gun rights (Sept. 12).

As usual, when liberals’ toes are stepped on, the Herald turns to name-calling. It deemed anyone who agreed with this “perfectly retched precedent” to be in favor of “a blueprint for government by special interests.” The Herald went on to say: “Recall should be reserved for instances of outright corruption, clear malfeasance or indisputable incompetence.”

Well, it seems residents disagreed with the Herald because the recall succeeded.

By the way, we are not “monomaniacs” as you imply. We just know what is important.

Paul Bynum


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