Gun control only serves to enable criminals

In 1993, one of President Clinton’s first acts was to disarm military bases, except for MPs already stretched thin. Close on the heels was the firing of 93 sitting federal judges, as too conservative?

Thanks to the left we have “gun-free zones” and of course we all know that any criminal or murderer worth his salt, will quake in his boots and flee, doing no harm.

The brass at the Navy base were warned about this guy’s instabilities, so why wasn’t his security clearance revoked?

The brass at Fort Hood were warned about that shooter’s radical beliefs, but, although he screamed “Allahu akbar” as he slaughtered 13 of our best, brightest and unarmed service men and women, the president called it “workplace violence.” Smelled like terrorism to thinking folks.

If gun control works, shouldn’t Chicago be one of the safest cities in the U.S., not El Paso, right next door to Juarez? El Paso has more than 80,000 concealed carry permits in the city; surely that can’t be it?

The “media” will not go into the truth of mass shootings. And as usual, the regime starts trotting out more regulation threats that will further endanger citizens and embolden criminals.

Denise Murray


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