Talk of armed uprising no laughing matter

Regarding Mike Sigman’s letter to the editor (Herald, Sept. 18): Kudos to the Herald for giving us horrible liberals something to laugh at and, apparently, give another reader a chance to rant about how terrible he thinks life in America is. I say “laugh” because surely Sigman is just poking the local liberal beast to get a rise out of those who know the facts and realize his charges are reflective of the ultra-conservative right-wing machine that invented name-calling by all modern standards. Can you say Rush Limbaugh or Glen Beck? And now there’s a whole generation of Rush worshippers running around spouting the same type of caustic rhetoric and believing they are preaching some sort of conservative gospel. It sure makes me laugh.

It also makes me laugh when I hear someone reciting the Fox “scandal” talking-points of Benghazi, IRS and NSA. What is much less humorous to me is this talk of an armed uprising because things aren’t going the way that particular person believes they should be going.

I realize Fox polls can be quite wrong sometimes and this might explain the faulty numbers referenced by Sigman. But for someone to be so offended by what they say is name-calling and negative character references but who apparently sees armed confrontation as the answer to anything is concerning to me.

I wonder how the people doing the uprising are going to decide who is to be shot and who is not? And I wonder when the uprising is over, who will be in charge? Or will authoritarianism be outlawed? I guess people won’t be worrying about grocery bags then.

Maurice Harrigan

Pittsboro, N.C.

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