Obama’s micromanagment is a failure

The Sept. 22 Herald Opinion section contained another inane Mike Luckovich cartoon. It is like the chicken or the egg – who is more of a mindless liberal lemming: Luckovich or the person at the Herald who picked the cartoon? It’s the one with elephants holding a gun to the supposed head of the U.S. economy. This could have a few meanings. Did it mean when Obama said that if the Republicans shut down the government, it could lead to another recession?

Well, by print time, the House had passed a bill to fully fund the government with the exception of Obamacare – the law that is unpopular with the vast majority of the folks, unpopular with the unions, the one that has and will cause tens of millions to lose their health care (remember, “If you like your plan you can keep it?”), the one that has, and will, cause monstrous increases in insurance costs, the one that will cut $50 billion per year from Medicare, (that program that is grossly mismanaged, a foretelling of Obamacare management?), the one the Congressional Budget Office now says will bankrupt the country, or most importantly, deferring to the experts, the one that is overwhelmingly opposed by doctors and hospitals, as the Cleveland clinic and other major hospitals start to making massive layoffs?

Well, listening to the bloviating, it is the president who is threatening a government shutdown, not the Republicans. Or does the cartoon refer to Obama’s sterling record on the economy, where seven out of eight jobs he has so proudly boasted he created are part-time, where the economic participation rate is at its lowest in decades, where the only reason the unemployment rate is going down is because so many people have quit looking for work, where the average duration of unemployment was 20 weeks in 2009 and now it is 37 weeks, where food-stamp recipients increase by 11,000 each and every day? His micromanagement of the economy from Washington has been a dismal failure, period.

Robert Goodrich


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