Magnets could solve recycling challenges

The single stream recycling is great. Our household trash, even with three kids, is down to one kitchen bag a week. So we usually recycle more than what goes into the trash bin. Because I’m borderline lazy, I don’t want to haul a recycle bin from the backyard to the front for the truck to pick up.

Eventually, there needs to be a system in place where trucks can pick up waste and recycling from the alley. Maybe a large bin could be divided. We all know the challenges: Waste and glass must stay out of the recycling to avoid contamination. A simple locking mechanism that allows access via a fairly strong magnet could limit access and lock automatically. One polarity could open a trash bin and the other would open a recycle bin.

This could also be helpful to solve bear issues, because many times people (more lazies) don’t refasten the bear-proof containers after putting their bear treats inside. The truck (maybe even the same truck) would have the corresponding magnet setup for the job. Of course, the bins would have to be designed so users couldn’t simply leave the magnet in place on the bin.

William Holden


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