Council should drop fees, curb developer

To all those people who write “do-the-right-thing” letters, especially the one from Faye Schrater (Herald, Sept. 27) that criticized Mike Smedley’s humorous column: Please, get a life! You will have your chance to vote in November.

In the meantime, do something productive and lobby the “Father Knows Best” City Council to do two positive and constructive things: 1) Do not permit a commercial developer to destroy property values and the charm of our historic town. 2) Drop the recycle fees, limited hours for drop-off and reinstate remote sites such as 32nd Street, which will take paper, cardboard and plastic along with glass. Council’s actions on these matters represent two giant steps backward while the bag fee is nothing but a regressive tax with miniscule benefit and major hardship and inconvenience.

Don Rickelman


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