Blue-eyed president would not face struggles

For months, several of us from the Western Slope have been preparing for three days of distance swimming at Lake Powell. Recently, as I was packing, I received a call saying the trip was canceled because of the shutdown. I have no doubt that if President Barack Obama had blue eyes, I would be at Lake Powell right now.

As soon as he was elected, mean and vulgar bumper stickers began appearing on cars. Ku Klux Klan applications soared in Wyoming. I think many in our country, including many right-wing Republican congressmen, ooh and ahh over blacks’ accomplishments on athletic fields and on stage and can tolerate a few token congressmen. However, having a black president is more than they can handle, and they will do everything possible to make sure all of his proposals are unsuccessful.

When you view obstacles blacks faced when schools first were integrated and black athletes first were allowed on previous all-white teams, I guess it is no surprise the first black president also would face significant prejudice. It is awful, and I’m ashamed of many in our country.

David Ryan


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