Obamacare revealed for the train wreck it is

How is Obamacare working for you? How did we get here? Obamacare, or the ACA, is the first social legislation that was created without a bipartisan consensus. It is being forced upon our country by a dictator who appears to have no consideration for our financial future. The president’s refusal to compromise with reasonable demands from us, the people who vote for our leaders, is likened to tyranny.

It reminds me of what the Democrat-controlled state Senate gleefully forced upon us Coloradans recently with the passage of unreasonable, unenforceable gun laws as well as financially irresponsible demands placed on rural electricity co-ops that are not in our best interest. The recalls of former state Sens. John Morse and Angela Giron let the politicians know we are not happy.

Last Tuesday, I got to see firsthand how well this program is going to help me when the exchanges became operational. The cheapest insurance for my family, with high deductibles and no ER or doctor coverage until the deductible was met, was twice what I was paying previously. Now you are probably thinking my insurance was probably something like $200 before and now it’s $400. Get this – I was paying before, in pre-tax dollars, $625 a month. My new option is about $1,200 a month.

You remember when Nancy Pelosi said, “We need to pass this so we can see what’s in it.” Well, now I know that my worst fears are coming true. You can’t have the government, especially one the size of ours, make wholesale changes to our health-care industry, or any industry for that matter, and make it more efficient and cost less.

How about this: Eliminate all exemptions for ACA. That means Michelle and the kids, all union members, Congress and everyone in the country here legally gets to endure this train wreck of a social experiment gone awry. I bet there would either be a delay in implementation or major changes to the bill immediately. We must stand up to this tyranny before any more damage is done.

Doug Savage


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