Bag ordinance takes responsibility for mess

Durango businesses give out 7.2 million plastic bags a year. Since they don’t disintegrate for centuries, that means that 7.2 million plastic bags a year sooner or later find their way into the environment somewhere.

So that means we use costly petroleum products to make the bags, we pay city landfill employees to collect and process them, we pay higher health-care costs suffering from the proven health impacts of the endocrine-disrupter chemicals in plastic bags that have leached into our water, air and soil. Our wildlife also suffers.

All of this is unnecessary because we could choose to use reusable bags when we shop. Oh wait, we already did choose to use reusable bags when Durango City Council passed the reusable-bag ordinance, based on the wishes of the majority of residents who spoke out.

We are not being forced to use reusable bags, we have a choice. If people simply must have a plastic bag or forgets their own reusable bag, they can conveniently buy a plastic bag for a nickel. Choose to bring your own or buy one.

Some residents, apparently still stuck in the mindset of some kids who will go to any extreme and use any possible dramatic excuse not to clean up after themselves, have challenged this ordinance. Hopefully, those of us who are willing to take the responsibility to clean up our costly and toxic mess will once again speak our mind in the upcoming election by once again supporting the Durango disposable-bag ordinance.

Rebecca Koeppen


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