Truly unbiased news sources hard to find

If you try to think about a completely unbiased source, I know for a fact you will have a hard time, Fox News is Republican, MSNBC is Democratic, and Al Jazeera is anti-American. News is news and a spin can be put on anything.

A common fallacy is euphemism where instead of saying genocide you say “ethnic-cleansing.” It all depends on your critical thinking and how in depth you can analyze any article or news source. Most of the time when you see a Wikileaks about American troops firing at a school or shooting a child it’s because the people we are fighting run inside a school and fire upon us. Or they fire at us and when we fire back they hold up a baby for a “meat shield.” Accidents can happen; do you think that when we shoot our own in crossfire that it was on purpose?

Our media are downright sick, televising the revenge strikes after Sept. 11. I understand that we were upset about that but you can’t let violence and anger cloud your mind. So I ask you to break the norm, smarten up, and think before you accept what the media are showing you, more often than not it will be a sliver of truth in the whole that is knowledge.

Conor Nelson


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