Durango should be proud of young heroes

Recently, I was walking my service dog, on a leash, on the trail by Riverview School. We both became startled by a nearby commotion. The leash entangled my legs, and I fell to the ground and couldn’t get up.

Lucky for me, along came Storm Sommers, Nate Garcia and Tyler Spoo. Three young heroes who untangled me, got me on my feet, despite my injuries, took charge of my dog, got me back to my vehicle and, with the help of one of their mothers, drove me home, got me to my couch and provided some water.

What made this fall so serious was that I just had major lumbar spine surgery.

Durango (and I) need to feel extremely proud that we have such fine young men living in our community; and they should be congratulated and praised for their above and beyond the call for help.

Thanks, guys.

Pat Tibbetts


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