Down with Amendment 66 and bag tax

The deceptions are piling up as we approach election time. The “we need more money” for education crowd would like us to believe that wasting billions of dollars, on top of the billions already being wasted, will somehow make our kids smarter. We already spend many more times the money per student than the countries producing the smartest students do. Most of our tax money going toward education is spent to enrich the over-inflated administrations, unions and bureaucracies. Don’t voluntarily tax yourself to contribute to this waste. Vote against the tax increase; vote against Amendment 66.

We are still being deceived by the bag-banners as they rant and rave about how the innocent little plastic bag is single-handily destroying the universe. There is no evidence whatsoever that the “feel good” bag tax would have any positive effect on anything but the city’s bottom line. The unconstitutional bag tax would have only negative effects, including lawsuits, inconveniences, spread of disease, long grocery lines, loss of tourism dollars and the loss of individual rights. Let’s all do the right thing and vote against the bag tax.

Lisa Brohm


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