Rep. Tipton is confusing constitutional roles

Our Rep. Scott Tipton, R-Cortez, laid out his case (Herald, Oct. 10) for President Barack Obama needing to negotiate with Congress on the Affordable Care Act before Republicans will agree to do certain other things.

This man should strive to understand the U.S. Constitution, as should many of his constituents and fellow congressmen before asking for concessions such as this from the president.

In eighth grade, I learned from our study of the U.S. Constitution that Congress makes the laws and then the executive branch administers those laws. This means Obama has a constitutional mandate to administer the ACA as written by Congress.

Didn’t Tipton and his constituents learn this in eighth grade, too? Constitutionally, Obama cannot negotiate away his mandated duties. Were he to negotiate away his constitutional mandates, he would be derelict in his duties under the Constitution. The president cannot negotiate away his duty to administer the laws Congress has enacted.

If Congress wants another law, it should change the current law, or eliminate it entirely. Doesn’t our Tipton have a grasp of the Constitution? Don’t many of his constituents have that same grasp?

Ironically, were the president to negotiate away his Constitutional mandates, as Tipton wants, the president would then be guilty of a deleliction of duty, and some enterprising tea partier on the back bench would raise an impeachment issue for that exact dereliction of duty.

Robert Konradi


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