Herald will print anything provided it’s liberal

I want to thank Rep. Scott Tipton for doing his part to help rein in the out-of-control spending of the Obama administration. There are some misguided people here in Durango who write to the Herald condemning him and saying that he should vote for a clean continuing resolution, as the president wants. Let’s see, Obama says give me a clean CR (that is everything I want), then we will negotiate, Negotiate on what? Apparently these people cannot fathom what $17 trillion is, and that the CR would head us to $18 trillion in debt with no slowing of spending in sight.

Maybe the Herald can ask its favorite economist, Paul Krugman, exactly how this debt will get paid back. In addition, we can now see what the federal government can do with three years of preparation and unlimited funds in the roll-out of Obamacare. We also can see how hurtful and callous to us, the folks, this administration and Senate can be with their actions during the current shutdown. Also, thank you, David Ryan of Montrose (Letters, Herald, Oct. 10) for informing us with his keen insight of KKK activities in Wyoming. I was unaware that those who would choose to join that group have to file an official application and that these then become public information. As has often been said, “The only people who are concerned with race are skinheads and liberals.” How true! The rest of us are merely concerned with results. Ryan’s letter also shows that the Herald will print anything unfounded as long as it is a liberal letter. But I wish Ryan a nice vacation and a good swim at Lake Powell.

Robert Goodrich


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