The grocery-bag ordinance makes sense

I want to weigh in and support the bag ordinance to reduce plastic bag consumption in the city of Durango. There is no shortage of information about the environmental and aesthetic effects of wayward plastic bags. Likewise, there is no shortage of alternatives to the use of cheap plastic bags to carry groceries or retail items. So why not Bag It?

Cities and towns across the developed world have seen the error of using cheap, permanent plastic bags that have a tendency to wander from their original homes and have passed ordinances limiting or banning the bags. Given Durango’s aesthetic beauty, pristine surrounding environment and progressive policies, supporting the bag ordinance just makes sense.

Are we so different from cities and towns around the country that have taken this simple, ethical step? I think not.

Much is made of the hassle or inconvenience of bringing bags to the store to get goods home again. While it is an additional item to remember, so is a wallet, purse, sunglasses, prescription form or whatever else we manage to remember on a daily basis.

The issue here is about responsible resource management and environmental stewardship for our children. The issue is not whether we, as residents, want to be inconvenienced by some kind of government overreach. It is about making small changes to our lives that will have big impacts for our environment and our children.

So Bag It! And vote the keep the bag ordinance in Durango.

Phillip Supino


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